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English Team, 2019

Paul HACKETT is a full-time bridge professional, and head of the Hackett bridge-playing clan – twins Jason and Justin, and Justin’s wife, Barbara, a German World Champion. He plays (and wins) in tournaments all around the world; it is easier to list the countries in which he has not played! He first represented the Great Britain Open team in 1981. He won Senior World Championships in 2009 and 2010, and the Senior European Championships in 2014. Domestically he was won Crockfords (twice) and the Spring Fours. Paul is the founder of the Buffett Cup between Europe and the USA, and also inaugurated the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship, first played in Manchester in 2002.

Gunnar HALLBERG is originally from Sweden (where he was a star handball player) and won the Swedish teams championship six times and the Nordic championship twice. He was a regular on the Swedish team in the ‘80s and won a silver medal in the European Pairs in 1980. He moved to England to play bridge professionally in 1995, and he represented the England Open team twice. He has won the Cavendish Teams and the Vanderbilt Trophy. He won the Senior World Championships in 2009 and 2010, and the Senior European Championships in 2014. He has won the Gold Cup and the Spring Fours, both three times.

John HOLLAND is a Manchester based professional. He has won Crockfords (2000), the Spring Fours (2012) and the Gold Cup (2015). He played for the England open team in the 2006 and 2008 European Championships with John Armstrong. At Senior level he has won two World Championships, in 2009 and 2010, plus the European Championship in 2014, partnering Gunnar Hallberg. John has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver (for the most master points won in a year) seven times. He was elected as inaugural member of the EBL’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

David MOSSOP won, between 1997 and 2001, the Gold Cup (twice), the Premier League (twice), Crockfords (twice) and the Spring Fours. He then relocated to Switzerland, which he represented on three occasions. Since transferring his allegiance back to England, he has won the Premier League, the Camrose, Crockfords (twice), and the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships in 2014 in Scotland. David also won gold in the European Seniors in Croatia in 2014, and reached the last eight of the D’Orsi Bowl in Chennai the following year.

Norman SELWAY was schooled in rubber bridge at an early age, playing with the likes of Joe Amesbury, John Collings, Jonathan Cansino and a young Zia Mahmood. It didn’t do much for his bidding, but did help him focus on the play of the cards. He is married to Great Britain international Kay Preddy, and their daughter Louise is a junior international. Norman has won the Premier League (twice), the Spring Fours (twice), and Crockfords. He won the Teltscher Trophy in 2016 and 2017.

Brian SENIOR is a full-time bridge professional: partner, teacher and journalist. He has, at different times, represented Great Britain, England, Northern Ireland and Ireland in international competition. He has completed a unique double in Camrose matches between Northern Ireland and England; he has played for Northern Ireland when they beat England, and for England when they lost to Northern Ireland. He has won all the major EBU Teams competitions at least once and was part of England’s Camrose winning team in 2014. Brian is married to Nevena, a regular member of England’s highly successful Women’s team, and they have an 22-year old daughter, Katya.

Simon COCHEMÉ (NPC) is an enthusiastic player and was recently promoted from Mediocre to Moderate in the EBU’s confidential file of player ability. He organised the Lederer for five years and was vice-chairman of the EBU Selection Committee for six years. Simon writes an informative (he says) and entertaining (he hopes) column for English Bridge and the ACBL Bulletin. He led (he likes to think) the England Senior team to European Gold in Croatia in 2014, and is hoping for fourth time lucky as NPC in the Teltscher Trophy.

Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Team, 2019

David GREENWOOD represented his native England in the Camrose before moving to Northern Ireland in the late eighties. He is a past winner of the Gold Cup. David is a retired Independent Financial Adviser living in South Antrim with Diane. He has played many times in the Camrose and Teltscher with Rex Anderson and others. Having played with Diane several times in the Camrose this is their first outing in the Teltscher. David copes remarkably well with a stroke, which has affected his speech, but not his bridge.

Diane GREENWOOD is a retired TV executive, now spending a lot of time working on her and others’ gardens. She has played many times for the Irish ladies team and for Northern Ireland in the Lady Milne, as well as having several Camrose caps with husband David. She lives in the countryside near Belfast with David and her dogs.

Michael COFFEY is an IT manager with First Trust Bank, working in Belfast and Dublin, so you know whom to blame if your card disappears into an ATM. He has a keen interest in golf, rugby and Gaelic football. Mick also claims to be the only Kerry man to represent Northern Ireland in the Camrose (or any other sport), which he has done several times with John Lavery. They also played together in last year’s Teltscher.

John LAVERY has retired from managing Paypoint in Northern Ireland, his earlier career having been in the retail trade. He has a number of previous appearances in the Camrose with Mick Coffey. A keen racing follower, the race-tracks within a hundred mile radius occupy a fair bit of his weekends when bridge permits.

Hastings CAMPBELL has tried lecturing but found getting other people to work for him in various property ventures, including his estate agency, more lucrative. His main other interests are cricket and Champagne. He first met Ian Hamilton on a train to the Brighton Congress, both listening to the cricket on the radio. He has several caps in the Teltscher with Ian and others, plus many Camrose caps with several partners. He has played for, and captained, Ireland in the Europeans.

Ian HAMILTON (PC) is a retired GP and Occupational Physician living in Belfast. As well as bridge he enjoys cricket, being Fixture Secretary for his club, and following England home abroad when he can. He spends a lot of time running NIBU simultaneous pairs, plus other NIBU duties. He has previously played with Hastings in the Teltscher, plus has several Camrose caps, with four different partners, including his brother.

Republic of Ireland

Enda GLYNN is a native of Lahinch, Co. Clare. Prior to taking up bridge he was a keen golfer playing off 2 handicap for many years. In 1992 he wrote "A Century of Golf at Lahinch” and we will be happy to mail you a free copy if you contact CBAI office. He is extremely grateful to his Bridge partners - Irish Internationals Gay Keaveney (his tutor), Paul Scannell, David Walsh and Joan Kenny who all played for Ireland.

Enda has played Camrose with Gay and with David Walsh. He has also appeared on numerous occasions in the Teltscher Trophy, three with Paul Scannell and the remainder with Gay.

Gay KEAVENEY is a Doctor of Chemistry in GMIT and is in second place (just behind Tom Hanlon) on the table of Irish National Points (equivalent of Gold Points). He has played international bridge in many European and World Events with the late Paddy Walsh, Rory Timlin and Pat McDevitt. He achieved European Grand Master level in 1999 and was part of the CBAI Camrose winning team in 2000. Playing with Pat McDevitt, he was part of the 2015 Teltscher winning team.

Michael O'BRIAIN is an actuary working for the Irish Health Insurance regulator. His international career began in 1972 when he played with brother Padraig in the Junior European Championships in Delft. He had a long standing international partnership with Donal Garvey. He resumed his international partnership with Padraig in 2004 as part of the winning CBAI Camrose team. He graduated to seniors bridge and with Padraig, was part of the winning CBAI Teltscher Trophy team in 2014 and 2015. He also played on the Irish D'Orsi Bowl team in Chennai in September 2015. Golf is another of Micheal’s sporting passions although his handicap is regretfully ageing!

Padraig O'BRIAIN is a retired systems analyst, started his international playing career with Micheal and has played in many Open internationals with Tomas Roche, Thomas MacCormac and Peter Pigot. Padraig has many titles to his name, but more importantly, is a doting grandfather!!

Peter GOODMAN. Romance has brought Peter to Irish shores and he has embraced all things Irish. A well-travelled former Welsh international, he brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to the team and will do his utmost to wrest the Teltscher Trophy for Ireland.

Terry WALSH is a recently retired senior Civil Servant. He is a lover of opera and cricket (not very Irish) but he is a very experienced player who has played Camrose on a number of occasions in the past. He has also acted as NPC – so B J can count on silence and complete co-operation!

BJ O'BRIEN (NPC) is a legend in his own lifetime – he has done everything, won almost everything, is known to everyone, and lives his life to the full. His poor wife, Colleen! He has married off the first of his two sons, Paul and has another, David, on his hands if anyone is interested. BTW they take after their mother!

BJ has a new career (as David Jackson’s front man) with the bookies! (David wins too much!) He is banned from many bookies around Dublin now! BJ’s was NPC of the CBAI Teltscher Trophy winning team in 2014, and has now decided to give it another whirl!

Micheal & Padraig with B J & Ranald Milne and the ever young Nick FitzGibbon & Adam Mesbur will be contesting the D’Orsi Bowl later in the year in China, having finished in 4th position last summer in Ostende. We wish them and their NPC Derek O’Gorman the best of Irish luck



SBU Team, 2019

Stewart DUGUID is a Master Butcher. He started as a message boy at 12 years old and at 72 is still working away at his business in Ayrshire. He left school at 15 with no qualifications of any kind and started work in the Butchers. During the years he achieved a Diploma in Butchery and studied for Meat Inspection. He also took up Amateur Radio and has a City and Guild in electronics.

He also loved cards and played a lot of Solo he started bridge late in life at the old age of 32. One of his finest achievements was representing Scotland with Sam Malkani in the very first Senior Camrose held in Oxford One of his proudest moments was seeing his grandson Stewart Pinkerton playing in the Junior Camrose for Scotland.

Sandy ANDERSON was born in Dunfermline, and moved to school in Ayrshire where he left with qualifications and interviews to become an apprentice CA or an apprentice mine surveyor. Sandy chose the latter mainly becuase the wages were four times higher (but avoiding National Service was the bonus).

He took up golf and chess, was a double county champion, but gave up chess for bridge where you had a new game every seven minutes instead of two hours. He has been playing bridge for almost 50 years now, with only 5 national titles but 5 holes in one on the golf course, hopefully proving he had less luck at bridge or maybe should have stuck to golf!

Sandy has outlived two partners but regrettably Sandy and Stewart are now seldom motivated to travel to competitions. He also now plays social bridge with his wife Jane.

John DICK was introduced to cards at a young age playing Knockout Whist, Rummy and ‘Stop the Bus’ while my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles played Solo Whist. He first started playing bridge around 1964 when someone in the office introduced the game to a few of us. Bridge soon overtook solo as the game of choice for the daily lunchtime card school. It very soon moved to the train journeys to and from Glasgow where it superseded ‘Hunt the Queen’ as the main game. Although playing at a very basic level they quickly became engrossed in the game and became regular tournament players and at least two Grand Masters.

Over the years John has played regularly in National and District competitions having won a few, including National Pairs, Men’s Teams, Spence Cup among others along the way, the most successful period being in partnership with Stuart McCreadie and with Sam Malkani and Gordon Smith as regular team mates.

Since moving to live in Arran some 12 years ago he has been almost retired from competitive play with only occasional (normally unsuccessful) outings in the Gold Cup and Scottish Cup before, recently experiencing modest success in being part of a winning team in the Silver Plate after beating a few experienced teams along the way.

Stuart McCREADIE is a retired Ayrshire GP. He is the most senior member of the SBU team. He learned to play bridge in the late 1950’s and early 60’s at Glasgow University. At the Union in those days you had to learn quickly to survive in the company of very good players such as Willie Coyle, Victor Silverstone and Willie Whyte.

After a gap from bridge, he resumed playing in Ayrshire in 1968. He became Ayrshire’s first Grandmaster. Most of his national successes have been with his favourite partner, John Dick. Strangely enough they have rarely played as club partners. So they have promised each other that someday they will sort out their system!

For logistical and family reasons, he has not been playing much competitive bridge over the past 3 years.

Sam MALKANI was born in Rugby though he spent part of his childhood in India until his family finally settled in Troon, where he was educated, and eventually met his wife, Kate (who is the team NPC here). Sam played several card games at home and was taught to play Bridge at a very young age. He started to play bridge seriously about 45 years ago at Kilwinning Bridge club with his wife, and has had many bridge partners but mainly plays with Kate nowadays.

His bridge success are playing with Stewart Duguid in the Senior Camrose and then subsequently winning the event as NPC, the Men’s Pairs (twice), Men’s Fours, Rayne, Spence Cup, Stirling Pairs, Bowman and the Harrison individual on three occasions.

John (Ian) BURN learnt basic bridge at university in Glasgow in the late 1960s when studying for degrees in Engineering and Operational Research (Maths). He started playing competitive bridge in the late 70s and early 80s when moving to Prestwick and over the years has had several different partners within the Ayrshire District. He spent most of my working career with two companies (Computer PCBs and Forklifts) in various management roles in manufacturing and quality engineering. He has been a National Tournament Director for over 30 years but now limits his TD roles to the Ayrshire District and club events. He is a past president of the Ayrshire District and was Hall convenor of the District premises in prestwick for over 20 years retiring from this role in 2012.

Kate MALKANI (NPC) hails originally from Hawick in the Scottish Borders. She studied at the Edinburgh College of Art then moved to the west coast settling in Troon. Kate taught in various Ayrshire schools and met her husband, Sam in 1972, who introduced her to the mighty game of bridge.

They played together until their daughter, Rachel, arrived and she gave up the game for eight years. She is now still playing with her husband but not with the intensity of younger days!


Scottish Team, 2019

Iain SIME was a Chartered Tax Adviser with a blue chip law firm in Edin-burgh. He has just retired, so will be able to devote more time to futile pastimes like supporting the Scotland and Hearts football teams, clearing out the garage and playing bridge. Regarding the latter, Iain is evidence of the perceived wisdom that if you want to be any good at this game, you have to learn to play bridge before you are 30. Despite being no good, Iain has been a regular in the Scottish Cam-rose team over the past ten years, which proves how great a player John Matheson must be . . . or how easy it is to make it into the Scottish Camrose team. Iain’s best bridge results were partnering John Murdoch in the Scottish senior team, which won a European bronze medal and reached the Quarter Finals of the D’Orsi Bowl in Bali. Iain’s wife Linda is now semi-retired and has just started to learn bridge, expecting to make the Camrose team in a couple of years.

John MATHESON is a retired GP, very happily married to Trish. His first Camrose cap was in 1968, and he has part-nered many of Scotland’s finest bridge players. He loves watching cricket, and following the stock mar-ket, when he isn’t busy with Bridge. Always willing to help, he is the “go to” guy for many top players who are seeking advice, and has also spent a lot of time coaching some of the less experienced partnerships.

Liz McGOWAN has won the Lady Milne 10 times. Prior to 2000, she was a member of the British Women’s team, picked up silver medals at the 1988 and ’92 Olympiads and gold at the Europeans in ’97 and ‘99. Liz also won the 1996 World Mixed Teams with Heather Dhondy, and playing with Fiona McQuaker narrowly lost to France in the semi-final at the 2016 World Games in Poland. Liz likes to think of myself as a Bridge journalist; currently editing the ScottishBridgeNews for the SBU. She lives in Edinburgh with husband Ian, two daughters, and much loved grand-daughter.


Irving GORDON - Perhaps best known during his partnership with Boris Schapiro, Irving Gordon’s list of achievements in-cludes winning the World Senior Pairs, several Gold Cups and Spring Foursomes, a Silver medal in the Sunday Times plus other titles in the UK and abroad. He has represented Britain at the European Champion-ships (Open team) and Scotland at the European Championships at both Open and Senior levels. He won a gold medal with the Scottish team in the Commonwealth Nation Championships 2010 held in India.

Danny KANE took up bridge when he was a young Physics teacher in Glasgow and went on to run a school bridge club which produced several junior international players. He then partnered the late Jimmie Arthur in his first Camrose in 1989 and around that time achieved four wins in the Scottish National Pairs. In the mid 1990’s he gave up bridge for many years when he started his own golf business. However, since retiring, his interest in bridge has been renewed. This is his third senior Camrose with partner Irving Gordon, with whom he also played in the recent Camrose series in Wales. Aside from bridge, he is keen on sports. In his more mature years, golfing has become the replacement for his professional sports of boxing, Thai kickboxing and full contact karate. Other hobbies are cooking (and eating)!

Brian SHORT (NPC) played for Great Britain on 3 occasions before Scotland got international autonomy, with long-time partner Sandy Duncan. He has over 40 Camrose caps for Scotland, with series wins on two occasions and two ties, and multiple European and Olympiad ap-pearances for in both Open and Senior events. He won the Gold Cup in 2006 and has won every major Scot-tish event, including the premier teams competition (the Scottish Cup) on 12 occasions. His other main interests are his family (they like him to call with his DIY skills) hill-walking, and occasional (very bad) golf.


Diane and Filip KURBALIJA have been life partners for over 40 years. They have played bridge together on and off for almost as long. Their other achievements include numerous Welsh event wins together. Both have represented Wales many times in Home and European Championships. Diane retired two years ago from a career in education and now enjoys her allotment and the Grow Your Own Association, which she runs. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking for family and friends. Filip still works as an accountant in the Welsh Assembly Government and likes to claim that Diane won’t let him retire. They have wonderful holidays together having visited far-flung places such as South Africa, Vietnam and California in the last few years.

Barry JONES was born in Wrexham, North Wales where he was lived all his life. He works as a systems engineer in a local authority. A keen, armchair sports enthusiast, he taught himself to play Bridge some 30 years ago and has been hooked ever since.

Barry and Bob have been a regular partnership for about 7 years and made their Welsh debuts as members of the WBU team at a Camrose in Dublin in 2016. Barry has since captained a WBU team at a Camrose and the Welsh Ladies team in a Lady Milne trophy event. Eligible as a senior only last year Barry again played in the WBU team with Bob at the Teltscher Trophy which was held in Mold, North Wales. They now look forward to another Camrose adventure in the Welsh Seniors team.

Bob PITTS was born and brought up in Kingston-upon-Hull. He went to Liverpool University to study Mathematics and after graduation he trained as a secondary school teacher. Whilst at university he met his wife Margaret and in the mid-1970’s they moved to a village in North Wales where they have lived ever since. Margaret has in the past played in the Lady Milne for Wales and she also directed several Camrose matches, but only in recent years has Bob ‘dipped his toe’ into playing at this level. Now retired, Bob spends much his days walking their Border Collie, gardening and swimming, though he and Margaret still do some examination work for the Cambridge International Board. For several years Bob wrote a weekly bridge column for the Liverpool Daily Post and currently he produces the bi-monthly County bulletin for the Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association. He is also a member of the IBPA.

John SALISBURY had many bridge successes he was ‘young’, playing in numerous Camrose matches, with different partners. He then stayed away from top level bridge for a number of years when the demands of jobs and growing family took over. With retirement looming, John and Mike returned to the serious game. He played many Camrose weekends with Mike Tedd, and played in the Welsh Open or Seniors teams in five European Championships.

Tim REES (PC) has represented Wales in over forty Camrose and a number of European Championships in partnership with Filip Kurbalija, including being playing Captain in 2008 in Pau. For a couple of years (2006 and 2008) Tim topped the Gold Point rankings. Tim has won the majority of the major domestic competitions including the Gold Cup twice, Crockfords and the Spring Fours. Tim is the Chairman of the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU.